Thursday, January 27, 2011

Q: Will I have to go to court?

A: No, if you and your spouse can reach an amicable agreement and settlement. Often times, when the parties have worked out their own settlement, that agreement is signed and notarized by each of you and submitted to the court without a personal appearance. If, on the other hand, you and your spouse cannot come to an amicable settlement through this process, you will have to go to court, and probably more than once.

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  1. I travel year round and live in hotels, and my spouse for whom I have been separated with for 2 years is in New Zealand & is willing to sign papers & return them, how can I go about divorce when I do not have a permanent residence? Can it be done, and would the estimated cost be of doing this with your firm? I will be in Mississippi for the next 2 months, will it be possible to do a divorce with your firm?